Think outside the … wall!

Many years ago I saw an interesting photograph in a weekly magazine.

I’ve tried to recreate it (as you can see, I’m not Picasso), because I think it could be very useful for a meeting with colleagues or as an item for a teambuilding. Especially when you’re facing great challenges (with your team).

How can we jump, climb, … over the wall?

Here are some questions & thoughts, you can start with:

Why do we want to be on the other side of the wall? (always start with why? – read Yves Deploiges comment from earlier this week)

Do we have to be on the otherside of the wall?

What are the advantages of being on the other side?

If I jump, you’ll be over the wall, but I’m still here!

o  Alone on this side of the wall: do I want this?

o  Am I willing to jump for you and stay on this side of the wall? Am I prepared to do this for a colleague?

o  Why the two of us? Maybe there are “better” ones to jump over the wall…

–         Is this the place to “conquer” the wall? Maybe we should look further on…? Maybe there’s a hole somewhere…?

–         Do we have to jump? Are there no other possibilities?

o  Is there another way to use the tools instead of making a bounce/skip/hop?

o  Maybe an other technique brings both of us on the other side…? (How?)

–         When is the best time to jump? (Remember, timing is everything!)

–         …….

Get inspired and success!