Suffer Little Children – The Smiths

I just listened, after almost 35 years, to “Suffer Little Children” from The Smiths.

The words, although today in a different context, are still very real.

Here are some fragments:

A woman said : “I know my son is dead

I’ll never rest my hands on his sacred head”

For a child cries :

“Oh, find me…find me, nothing more

We are on a sullen misty moor

We may be dead and we may be gone

But we will be, we will be, we will be, right by your side

Until the day you die”

“We will haunt you when you laugh

Yes, you could say we’re a team

You might sleep

But you will never dream!

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for”.

I hope that music, poetry, real friendship, … can help those who lost someone they loved.

Never let fear take command. It discourages creativity. It never is a motivator and what we need right now is (young) people who cultivate their talents to make this world a nicer place. We all need to be more in our element to give a positive signal to all those who want to destroy beauty.

Tomorrow I’ll have a gig with The Acoustic Motorbikes (Christophe is still in France) at “Live in Hasselt”. The songs I’ve chosen start in the 80’s. Another period in recent history where fear (cold war, no jobs, nuclear missiles, …) tried to demotivate a whole generation. Let’s work together and give a signal / a voice so that this won’t happen again!

Of course I also play an Irish song for the good people of Union Hall (Cork), who are always in my heart and a whiskysong for all the maltlovers in the world. Probably some Bob Marley to (it’s tropical here in Belgium this weekend!). And a tribute to Chris Cornell!!



Ps: Making bombs is not a talent! Making whisky, love, arts, laughter, …. is!